Things You Should Always Check when Viewing Property

When you’re in the market for a new home, it’s normal to get excited and the temptation to make a decision on the spot is often very real, especially if there is some pressure because the seller or the estate agents inform you that the home has already had an offer, or other people will look at it, and you should make a decision soon. Don’t fall for the trap; take your time.

It’s important you take a good look at the property, in different ways. It might very well become your home for the next twenty years or even longer, so it deserves more than simply twenty minutes of inspection. Are you thinking about buying a new home? Here’s what you should always check when viewing a property.

Structural integrity

You’ll probably get an immediate feel regarding the structural integrity of the house; all you have to do is inspect the walls and the roof and a lot of problems can be brought to light. Still, it’s always best to have some professional help and ensure your suspicions are confirmed by a surveyor, who can give you either the ‘go-ahead’ or advice on how to repair and bargain over the selling price.

Is there damp?

This can be seen by the eyes, but the nose is equally important in this case. A mouldy smell, watermarked ceilings or floors, and flaky walls may signal trouble. Be careful if rooms have just been repainted, it may have been done to hide problems.

Storage space

You’ll probably want to buy a house with the idea that you’ll be staying there for quite some time; and there is a tendency that you’ll accumulate many belongings over the years. You’ll probably need more storage space than you currently suspect. It’s better to think of that right now, before you buy.

Plumbing and electrical wiring

Test the plumbing and electrical wiring. Inspect it carefully (and take your time doing so), as suggested by the real estate specialists from

The area and the orientation

Is the property in a convenient location when it comes to schools, shops, traffic, etc.? Are there noisy pubs or restaurants? And check the orientation; where will the house be heated most by the sun during the day?

Here’s one more thing you should look out for; has the home been staged? It’s completely normal for a seller to present the house in the best way possible, but look out for cleverly positioned mirrors to make areas look larger, and furniture placed to hide flaws, and don’t be tricked by the smell of freshly-baked bread or the scent of rose buds from the garden. Look at the property with a very critical eye, and don’t let your senses fool you. Your future is too important for that.