Possible Reasons Why Your House is not Selling

From problems with your estate agent to highly ambitious pricing, there are many possible reasons why your home might not be selling. Some people have listed their homes in the market for months with no potential buyers showing interest, while others have had dozens of viewers but not a single purchase offer. In the real estate market, it is essential to make your property stand out among other similar properties. To start off, ask yourself why a buyer would choose your house over all the other homes for sale. We asked property experts to provide a list of common problems, to help you remedy the situation.

1. Photos are not good enough. Images are important for advertising your house. They help create the first impression. Many buyers search online, and good photos will draw their attention. Make sure the rooms are well lit, free of clutter, and the beds are made; these small touches can make a big difference.

2. Not enough promotion. Aside from your agent’s website, it pays to have your property listed on the biggest UK portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket and Prime Location. Do your own promotion by advertising on web forums and in local press or your social media accounts.

3. Unrealistic asking price. Some buyers might be interested in buying your property, but an unrealistic price might keep them from going ahead with the purchase. Many buyers set a maximum price when searching online, so if your price is at a high threshold, buyers might not see it. You can combine web search data and suggestions from local agents to gauge the right price.

4. Poor home condition. Walk around your home and imagine how viewers would feel seeing it for the very first time. Is the front door still good? Does the property smell bad? You can ask friends and family to join you in doing this, and ask for their honest opinions.

5. Agent not working for you. Test your agent’s performance by asking your friend to pretend to be an interested buyer, and call the agent looking for a property. If the agent does not mention your house, it’s high time to look for another agent. If he does, tell your friend to book a viewing and then have them gauge how hard the agent works to sell your property.

6. Slow market. You might be selling at the wrong time, when it is a slow market. Try taking your property off the market temporarily, as buyers tend to be vary of properties that have been continuously listed for months.

Before deciding to list your home for sale, make sure all relevant documentation is ready, including the property title, Energy Performance Certificate, etc. Do all you can to prepare your home by thoroughly cleaning it, doing minor repairs, and most of all, choosing the best real estate professionals such as www.griffinresidential.co.uk.